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This unique  blend is only available by The Wonky Witches Cauldron & Kallima.


Aura Cleansing Magickal Candle is to aid in cleansing and balancing the auric field, clearing negative stagnant energies and bringing in positivity and upliftment.


This blend is the same blend as our very popular Aura Magickal Mist and Magickal oil


Hand blended by The Wonky Witch herself using soya wax 100% pure essential oils, dried botanicals. Vegan Friendly & not tested on animals.


Size Available:

Small (tin) - 3oz

Medium (tin) - 5oz

Large-W (White glass jar) - 6oz

Large-B (Black glass jar) - 6oz



Please note that we are required by law to state these magickal oils are sold for entertainment purposes only. Magickal items should not be used in place of medical advice, ingested or used internally. You are responsible after purchasing for the use of this product. If you desire to apply to the skin the product has been made safe to do so but please do a patch test before applying.

Aura Cleansing Magickal Candle

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