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Kallima Spiritual Centre is the largest centre of it's kind within Essex. In fact the only kind or centre within Essex.
We have 2 shops that supply crystals, incense, spiritual decor, witchcraft and a large array of herbs that are used within witchcraft, incense, herbal teas and more. If you're a herbalist or know of some home remedies then we're the place you can pop into and grab what you need. We also stock aromatherapy oils to go along with any herbal/holistic treatment you are performing.

We also supply an array of classes, workshops, courses and events for you to develop your own skills within the spiritual community. These range from simple meditations to full blown crystal healing courses, psychic and mediumship development, holistic courses and more. We also provide 1-2-1 Spiritual Readings and Therapies.

Be sure to check out our Meet The Team Page and see every member of the Kallima Team and what they specialise in.

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands


We at Kallima wish to provide you with all the support you may need along your spiritual development journey. Whether that is with tutoring, readings or simply supplying products you can use to help you along your path.
We are always happy to help as much as we can if you need any guidance along your journey please don't hesitate to message us or pop in for a chat.


We do not discriminate against anyone, all are welcome to come along and visit or join in classes. Kallima is a safe space.

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