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Originating in the 15th century, Tarot Cards emerged in Europe as recreational playing cards, delighting locals in card games and reflecting the spirit of the era. However, a pivotal shift occurred in the 17th century. Seers and visionaries in France and England recognized the latent potential within these cards—foretelling destinies. This revelation catalysed the evolution of tarot reading into the revered practice it is today, a journey marked by its unwavering popularity. 


Practitioners harness the enigmatic symbolism of tarot cards to purportedly unveil insights across time—past, present, and future. With each reading, the tarot deck accumulates layers of energies, both palpable and emotional. 


Enter this incense, a vital tool primed to cleanse the accumulated residue, paving the way for the dissipation of previous energies and intentions, and ushering in a canvas of clarity and renewal.

Tribal Soul Spiritual Incense Sticks and Ceramic Holder - Tarot reading

SKU: 8901684621098
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