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Moon Rituals trace their origins back to ancient cultures such as Egypt and Babylonia, where the moon was revered. Today, these rituals channel the ancient wisdom, creating a hallowed space to turn inward, establish intentions, radiate love, and cultivate empowerment.


These rituals revolve around specific moon phases, with the full moon and new moon taking centre stage. Among the eight moon phases, these two hold particular significance.


The new moon witnesses a celestial alignment of the sun and moon, carrying the essence of positive transformation. This phase is steeped in ancient wisdom, associated with favourable change.


When the full moon graces the sky, its aura is linked to nourishment and intuition, enriched by the echoes of ages past. Moreover, it's a time of enchantment for creativity and personal revelation, echoing the ancient wisdom that has been cherished across generations. 

Tribal Soul Incense Sticks - Moon Rituals

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