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Sacral, Solar Plexus


Leo, Libra


Fire, AIr




Sunstone warms the body, increasing metabolism, digestion, and vitality. It stimulates self-healing powers, regulating and harmonizing all of the organs.


It dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress and increases vitality.


Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune. It clears and energises all the chakras.


Energy, healing, men, protection, sexual energy.


With the radiance of the sun and the fire of the solar ray, Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the sun god, whose energy brings all potential life from within the Earth. It is a Stone of Leadership - of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Known as a joyful stone, Sunstone inspires the nurturing of self in order to be of service to others. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance.

Height: 6cm x 4.5cm

Sunstone Sitting Dog Crystal Carving

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