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Serpentine - New Jade Heart 45mm


Chakra ��� Heart       Zodiac ��� Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra       Element ��� Earth, Air

Physically: Serpentine is extremely cleansing and detoxifying for the body and blood.
Emotionally: It corrects mental and emotional imbalances, helping you to feel more in control of your life.
Spiritually: It aids in meditation and enhances spiritual exploration.

An earthing stone, Serpentine (new jade) also opens new pathways for the Kundalini energy. It aids in meditation and enhances spiritual exploration. Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity. It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility.  It increases love and nurturing. A protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.  Jade attracts good luck and friendship.

Please Note: The size, shape and colour of the crystal you will receive may differ slightly from the crystal shown in the image. As crystals are from the earth, each is very unique

New Jade Serpentine Heart

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