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This unique blend is only available by The Wonky Witches Cauldron & Kallima.


Sacred Goddess Magickal Wax Melt is to aid in attracting the feminine energies to you creating your inner strength and compassion.


The wax melt can also be used as an offering to goddesses. This blend is the same blend as our very popular Sacred Goddess Magickal Mist, Candle and Magickal Oil.

Only Available with The Wonky Witches Cauldron at Kallima

Hand blended by The Wonky Witch herself using soya wax 100% pure essential oils, dried botanicals. Vegan Friendly & not tested on animals.

Approximate size - 28gm

Sacred Goddess Aromatherapy Magickal Wax Melt

SKU: 5056790702148

Pick A Mix - £1 each or 3 for £2.49

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