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Stars - Ritual Paper


Use these ritual papers during your witchcraft to write your petitions, spells and their ingredients, method etc, rituals, sigils and more

Designed by The Wonky Witch herself and sold exclusively via Kallima.


Designed double sided


Uses as petition paper

A petition is a written statement of intent or desire, ritually created and used as a spell object. While specific methods vary by tradition, generally, the petition is written on a piece of paper, sealed and activated in some way. It may then be used in conjunction with other objects as part of a larger spell, or the act of creating the petition may stand as a spell in itself. While a petition is often addressed to an individual spirit being, such as a God or Saint or a group of spirit beings such as the petitioner�۪s ancestors, or perhaps the Universe as a whole, petitions can be created without being addressed to anyone at all.


Size: A5

Quantity: 30 loose double sided printed sheets

Ritual Paper Pack - Stars

SKU: WW-2101
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