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Purple Pullout Spell Candle


These candles are used to carve and anoint prior to casting then place back into the glass holder for safe burning





Idealism Divination

Enhancing nurturing qualities

Balancing sensitivity.


Purples are well-known as the colour of mystery and magic is a highly spiritual colour and is associated with psychic abilities, spiritual awakening, and ancient wisdom. It is the colour of the third eye chakra where your psychic vision and inner eye reside, so purple can be used to open your third eye in order to invite visions and enhance intuition. Wicca also use purple candle for spiritual protection, healing, respect, honour, wisdom, purification, sensitivity, progress spiritual growth and dissociating from the ego. A purple candle is used to reduce stress or insomnia. Historically the colour of royalty, purple is also suitable for magic related to wishes, ambition, power, and authority.

Purple Pullout Spell Candle

SKU: KK-2705
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