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This salt has been ground down to a finer consistency which is very helpful for salt scrubs and ritual salts.


Pink Himalayan Salt comes from the Himalayas, the mountains that extend 2400 km across Asia. The crystals of Pink Himalayan Salt are tiny clear rocks of beautiful pink shade. The composition of Pink Himalayan Salt is unique, and it contains less sodium chloride per serving as compared to regular table salt. This salt has above 80 minerals, including sodium chloride, copper, iodine, sulfate, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals are highly valuable for the human body.


Himalayan salt is pink in colour. Himalayan salt aligns the earth with the universe. This salt is great for protection during astral travel and when spiritually travelling between worlds as well as being the salt within Pink Witches Salt.


Using Salt Within Magick

  • Salt has maintained its usefulness in modern folk magick traditions as well.
  • Creates a magickal, protective barrier.
  • Salt in general is used in ritual purification, magickal protections and blessings.
  • Some witches place salt in the four corners of the room before casting.
  • Used in purification spells.
  • Used to symbolize the earth element on your altar or when you are casting.
  • Sea salt may be used as the water element due to the fact that it came from the sea.
  • Use within Witches Bottles.
  • Can be used as an offering to Dieties.
  • As salt was used as currency in history it is also used for Abundance today. Mixing the salt with green herbs and powders used for abundance and wealth will give the salt the green hue which adds the green colour correspondance aswell to the salt mixture.
  • Cleanses
  • Repels many types of evil.
  • Salt may also be added to a ritual bath to absorb negative energy surrounding a person. (Epsom Salt & Himalayan) or Apply salt scrub directly to the skin. Once the salt has absorbed the negative energy, it is then washed away as the tub is drained.


Available Sizes:

 Size 1 - 200gm

Size 2 - 400gm

Size 3 - 600gm

Pink Himalayan Salt - Very Fine

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