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New Beginning Candle Spell Kit


New Beginnings Spell Kit is a spell kit curated by The Wonky Witch to call upon the power of the universe to bring a fresh new start for new opportunities to begin within your life


Full Spell Kit ready and waiting for you to perform yourself with instructions included inside the box along with all materials.


All hand-crafted by The Wonky Witch herself.

This unique spell is only available at The Wonky Witches Cauldron and Kallima Spiritual Centre.


Disclaimer: Please note that we are required by law to state these magickal items are sold for entertainment purposes only. Magickal items should not be used in place of medical advice, ingested, or used internally. You are responsible after purchasing for the use of this product.


New Beginnings Candle Spell Kit

SKU: 5061003809187
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