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Chip Stone Bracelets with Blue Goldstone are made from gemstone chips on an elastic thread. 


They  are very comfortable to wear, chip stones are polished smooth  so they will not  harm our skin. 


Chip Stone Bracelets are perfect for any wrist.


Chakra - Crown, Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac - Sagittarius

Element - Fire, Earth


Benefits of Blue Goldstone:


The sparkles of Blue Goldstone are reminiscent of stars in the night sky.   Use Blue Goldstone to make a wish. Keep a piece with your resume or at your work desk to increase job opportunities or better advancements in your career. Blue Goldstone is a helpful aide for children who are afraid of the dark.



Thought to assist wit hthe relief of migraines, headaches, epilepsy and visual disturbances such as tunnel vision.



A reminder of what has been or can be achieved



Goldstone, like diamond, is a good deflector of unwanted energies and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protection mineral

Blue Goldstone Chipstone Bracelet

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