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Black Witches Salt


For those who want something for protection within their stash of magickal tools, you should have Black Witches Salt.


Black Salt (not to be confused with Black Salt from Indian Cusine) is used by Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Voodoo and Hoodoo practitioners for its extreme protective elements. It can be spread just about anywhere - your home, your workplace, your ritual circle, etc - and its purpose is to drive away those that would do you harm (whether physical or spiritual).


Black Salt is also said to be an ingredient for creating a hex or curse. Remember, whatever you cast out comes back to you. You can sprinkle it on your altar when performing a ritual or casting a spell for protection, banishing etc. You may wish to sprinkle it around a candle during these spells and rituals to bring an added protective energy.


Please Note: Do not use this salt within bathing rituals due to the ash ingredient.

Black Witches Salt

PriceFrom £3.00
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