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Chip Stone Bracelets with Black Tourmaline are made from gemstone chips on an elastic thread. 


They  are very comfortable to wear, chip stones are polished smooth  so they will not  harm our skin. 


Chip Stone Bracelets are perfect for any wrist.


Chakra - Root

Zodiac - Capricorn

Element - Earth


Benefits of Black Tourmaline:


Black Tourmaline is a brilliant crystal for everyone because it's the bodyguard that provides protection and elimination of negative energy.

Black Tourmaline works like a sponge, soaking up all the negative energy that surrounds and transmitting it into positive energy

In addition these stones are strong EMF protection crystals that will purify the area where they are located



Wonderful healing crystal to use as they bring relief from pain and boost the immune system.



It's one of the most powerful and effective crystals for anxiety



Black Tourmaline will ground you quite quickly, so it is highly beneficial to keep a piece of this stone on you

Black Tourmaline Chipstone Bracelet

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