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Black Onyx Tumblestone









Physically: Onyx helps in healing wounds and during time of childbirth. It can used in treating eye and ear problems and in cellular regeneration.

Emotionally: It is an excellent stone for releasing negative emotions such as sorrow and gried therefore brings good fortune and helps in recognising personal strengthl

Spiritually: A powerful protective stone, absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy.

Magickally: Absorbs intense emotion, protection, defensive magick, reduce sexual desires.

This stone is a 'must have' gemstone when you are under difficult times or when you have physical stress as the black onyx healing properties can offer strength to support you. A powerful protection stone which absorbs and transforms negative energy. When using this stone for either of these purposes it is recommended to use a secondary grounding stone in combination with onyx.


Every crystal purchased is cleansed before shipping and comes with information on the crystal free of charge



Small = 5mm - 10mm

Medium = 10mm - 20mm

Large = 20mm - 30mm

X-Large = 30mm - 40mm  

Black Onyx Tumblestone

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