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Black Moonstone Tumblestone


Third Eye


Cancer, Libra, Scorpio




Physically: Great for women in menopause, pregnancy & reproductive system

Emotionally: Helps one to connect with their feelings and emotions on a very profound level; opening blockages and allowing for guided healing from past emotional trauma

Spiritually: Is a stone of deep feminine energies. It enhances intuition and inner knowing.

Magickally: New beginnings, Dark Moon Energy, feminine energy


This stone bluntly shows us our shadow sides and flaws so that we can accept them and step more fully into our Highest Self. It is particularly useful for anyone who is actively choosing to move past patterns of self-abuse and toward becoming more loving and kind. Obsidian is often used by metaphysical healers to help relieve pain and tension throughout the body. It is particularly helpful for healing injuries that have been self-afflicted.



Small = 5mm - 10mm

Medium = 10mm - 20mm

Large = 20mm - 30mm

X-Large = 30mm - 40mm  

Black Moonstone Tumblestone

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