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This spell candle has been hand-rolled by The Wonky Witch herself.

Beeswax candles are great for holding magickal oils and herbs more so then normal spell candles due to the honeycomb sheets.


Beeswax has always been recognised as the best material for candles and even rolling beeswax sheets is not a new idea, the Vikings used a somewhat similar idea. The main difference now is that our sheets are thinner, and because they have been milled, they are more flexible and we have embossed the sheets with hexagons.


Originally they were designed to enable beekeepers to guide their bees to build the comb where the beekeeper needed it – inside wooden frames, which makes life easier for the beekeeper. It just so happens that it is easy to make very good candles from these sheets and the hexagonal cell bases provided for the bees also give an interesting look and texture to these candles.


Size Option



10cm tall. 1 1/2cm average diameter. Burn Time average 1hr (burn times may change when candle is dressed)


We also sell the sheets themselves as kits so if you wish to customise and roll your own then please check these out in our shop/website


Please note that due to the nature of beeswax there can be shade variations

Beeswax White Spell Candle - Small

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Pick A Mix - £1 each or 3 for £2.49

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