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Aqua Calcite Tumblestone



Third Eye, Throat


Pisces, Cancer


Air, Water


Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. It cleans negative energies from the environment. It brings forth a polarising prismatic energy, which engenders a spectrum of energy to clear and to activate all of the chakras.


Calcite is a spiritual stone that facilitates the opening of higher consciousness and psychic abilities. It helps mind and body to remember soul experiences.


Aqua Calcite is such a calming stone that is lovely for reducing anxiety and stress. It has a gentle energy that helps to heal the heart and encourage self-love.


Every crystal purchased is cleansed before shipping and comes with information on the crystal free of charge



Small = 5mm - 10mm

Medium = 10mm - 20mm

Large = 20mm - 30mm

X-Large = 30mm - 40mm  

Aqua Calcite Tumblestone

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