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Anti-Anxiety Mojo Spell Kit

Anti-Anxiety Mojo Bag Spell Kit is a spell kit curated by The Wonky Witch to call upon the power of the universe to bring growth, abundance and prosperity into your life

A mojo bag, is a powerful tool in the magickal practice of Hoodoo.


One of the most potent and simple methods for connecting with our magickal guides is to carry a well-prepared mojo bag. It is widely believed that mojo bags are the man-made manifestation of a spiritual being and that they contain life-like properties.


Mojo bags are usually used for long term purposes which they require to be fed and kept alive so to speak, in order to keep them working to their full potential.


Your mojo bag is for your eyes and hands ONLY. No one else can touch or see it. Your mojo has its own name that you can use to speak to it and ask for its direct assistance at any time.


Full Spell Kit ready and waiting for you to perform yourself with instructions included inside the box along with all materials.


All hand-crafted by The Wonky Witch herself.


Disclaimer: Please note that we are required by law to state these magickal items are sold for entertainment purposes only. Magickal items should not be used in place of medical advice, ingested, or used internally. You are responsible after purchasing for the use of this product.

Anti-Anxiety Mojo Bag Spell Kit

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