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Our Elements incense cones are high quality, vegan friendly and provide a lasting fragrance.


This box contains 12 packs of incense cones including the following fragrances;

  • 1x Jasmine
  • 1x Patchouli
  • 1x Frankincense and Myrrh
  • 1x Cinnamon
  • 1x White Sage
  • 1x Citronella
  • 1x Opium
  • 1x Musk
  • 1x Vanilla
  • 1x Sandalwood
  • 1x Red Rose
  • 1x Lavender.


Each pack contains 15 incense cones.

12 Packs of Elements Incense Cones Mixed Fragrances

SKU: SD-IS-88922
  • Material: Incense