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Lammas Moot with Jodie Merritt
Lammas Moot with Jodie Merritt

Thu, 01 Aug


Kallima Spiritual Centre

Lammas Moot with Jodie Merritt

Time & Location

01 Aug 2024, 19:00 – 21:00

Kallima Spiritual Centre, 8A, Adams Business Centre, Cranes Farm Rd, Basildon SS14 3JF, UK


About the event

What is a Moot?

Yes, Moot is a weird word. It's a very old Anglo Saxon word used to describe a meeting where people debate things. Us Pagans like old words, and this one certainly suits what a moot is. Put simply, it's an old word for a meeting.

During our Sabbat Moots a group of pagans/witches will come together to celebrate the time of year that’s occurring on the Pagan Wheel of the Year.

You will learn about the specific sabbat we are celebrating, join together in performing a ritual, craft items for the sabbat and eat foods and drink drinks that are associated with the sabbat.

Basically come together with like minded people and celebrate the time of year together

Our Sabbats are limited in size so please book as soon as you can. We hope to see you there to join in the fun

Lammas also known as Lughnassadh, is one of the eight seasonal celebrated as part of pagan Wheel of the Year. Lammas is about halfway between the summer solstice (Litha) and the Autumn equinox (Mabon). Come and Join us at Kallima to learn about the traditions of Lammas and how you can use this time of year to benefit your life in your witchcraft.

During this gathering you will learn the basics of Lammas and how to celebrate this Sabbat. You will take part in a group ritual honouring this time of year. You will also get your craft on as we make an Altar in a Jar for Lammas which you can take home and cherish.

Whether you are a beginner witch or a seasoned witch this workshop is perfect to learn, perform a ritual with other witches and craft items you can bring a little bit of Lammas energy into your lives.

Included in the gathering will be:

• A booklet covering all the things you will learn in the workshop plus extra things you can complete at home such as journaling prompts and a tarot spread.

• All supplies needed for the ritual and crafting element of the workshop

• Light refreshments


  • Per Person

    Sale ends: 28 Jul, 18:00



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